The TKCS™ Hustler Support program is designed for individuals who are ready to take that crucial step to support their present or future generations. Here’s what you can expect from this initiative:

Eligibility Criteria:

To apply, connect with any active TKCS™ member or simply send a “Hi” on WhatsApp. We’re here to support you on your journey!

When you become a Volunteer, you’ll be assigned specific tasks that need to be completed within the stipulated time. Your performance will be closely monitored over a 90-day period. Successfully completing this volunteer period will automatically advance you to the first step: Business Operations Analyst. As an analyst, you’ll receive dedicated tasks and become eligible for payouts.

During your onboarding as a volunteer, you’ll receive detailed information about the benefits of being part of our team and how you can grow with us. Feel free to refer to the below shared Growth Plan for additional insights:

Under the TKCS™ Community Volunteer Program, we offer a variety of meaningful opportunities for you like;

LinkedIn Profile


Job Placement

New Skills 

On Job Training

Be an Ace

Adapt Office Culture

Performance Stress

Study and Earn

Work in Projects

Refer and Earn

and More

Enroll today in the TKCS™ Community Volunteer Program with a one-time registration fee.