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Humans in need play a pivotal role in supporting their households and communities, contributing to food and nutrition security, generating income, and improving overall well-being in rural areas. They are active participants in achieving sustainable development goals, including the Millennium Development Goals.

However, humans in need, below the poverty line face numerous challenges, including limited access to credit, healthcare, and education. These difficulties are further exacerbated by global food and economic crises and climate change. Despite their significant contributions, humans in need often encounter discrimination and unequal opportunities in education, work, and lifestyle. Even when employed, they typically receive lower wages than their counterparts.

TOG Earth offers several solutions to empower humans in need:

1.    Humans in need Empowerment: Understanding human in need viewpoints and involving them in decision-making processes.

2.    Addressing Declining Wages: Daily wage workers face economic crises, leading to reduced monthly incomes.

3.    Education and Land Ownership: Bridging education gaps and ensuring land ownership rights are crucial for empowering humans in need.

4.    Skill Development: Focusing on skill development programs to enhance economic opportunities for daily wage workers.

5.    Financial Support: Providing INR 10,000 to start small businesses.

6.    Business Operations Support: TKCS™ assists new entrepreneurs with purchasing, business setup, marketing, sales, and end-to-end operations management.

Remember, if you encounter a human in need, please direct to +919958048527

How do we open a store

Step 1: Location selection

Condition 1) Road Connectivity 

Condition 2) Owned is best or human like landlord.

Condition 3) Water storage and supply

Condition 4) Power Supply 

Step 2: Deep Cleaning, Paint Work, Setup

We Clean

We Paint

We Setup

Step 3: Branding and Handover

Step 4: Marketing, Operations and Delivery - 30 B/L/D